Policies / FAQ

Hi! Thank you SO much for stopping by! I really appreciate it and am grateful for you checking out my works!

Here are a few questions I get asked frequently:

Pin Grading Guide?

- Standard grade is what I consider "retail quality". I do not sell "collector grade" simply because there are too few products that fit the criteria of *perfect*. Standard grade items may have a very tiny issue thats only visible on close inspection, or does not effect the overall appearance of the item. I ask that everyone keep this in mind when making a purchase!

- B Grades: between standard and "seconds" grade. There may be a or some blemishes that don't effect the overall appearance, but are more visible than the standard. Basically I made this grade because I'll have an abundance of pins that "aren't amazing, but wouldn't bother me if I got it" personally.

- Seconds: these have visible blemishes, but perfect for someone who just wants pins and doesn't care about quality so much.

-F Grade: The lowest of low. I actually give these out for free when they exist. Join my Discord channel for when I drop these!

Order ship time?

Within a week of purchase 

Combine Shipping?

- No, sorry! Please double check your order. Take your time in deciding what you want

International Shipping?

-On a case basis, must contact me directly so I can get a quote (its based on weight)

-Buyer is responsible for taxes depending on country. 

-I cannot do EU purchases because I do not understand their tax system

-I have international rate set up to $25.50, if it is under I refund the extra. Typically I pay more out of pocket.

-If your country isn't listed, contact me with the items you wish to purchase, I'll weigh the order and get a shipping quote.

-International usually takes 2-4 months to arrive.

Why is your shipping X price? _____ Has it cheaper!

-Short answer: I don't make the shipping prices Long answer:  A few of my fellow makers are "grandfathered in" to a paid monthly service. I pack orders without a paid service and I can't get that rate because its not available to new signups, to my knowledge. If you know where I can get cheaper shipping, I'm all ears :)

I forgot to use a code!

-Sorry, take your time with checkout, I can't make adjustments.


-All sales final!

Help me keep prices low, and products exclusive.

Thanks! I know this isn't as broad as some businesses, but as I work my way up to a bigger brand I can have more flexibility with rules. I work full time aside from making art, product development, speaking with manufacturers, answering questions, managing the site, creating everything else to do with a store. Its a lot, I appreciate you. Thanks for being a part of this!